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Give Your Family The Gift Of TOTAL FINANCIAL SECURITY​​​​​​​

Dear Friend,

Chances are you were referred to this website because a close friend or family member completed a financial empowerment program that has been an absolute game changer in their lives.

They now have peace of mind knowing that they are on the path to a financially secure future.

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 If any of the situations above apply to you, this program will be a game changer for you and your family as well!

Have you ever felt a little intimidated by the idea of investing on your own, but also a little nervous to trust a complete stranger with your life savings?

Does that fear cause you to procrastinate? It is only natural.

The problem is that we were not taught in school how to achieve our own financial security.
So what are your options?

You can wing it and invest on your own (yikes!), or you can hire a financial advisor (a complete stranger) to handle your investments. Both options can be pretty scary.

Instead, you can now start your journey to financial freedom with the empowerment and knowledge you need, all in one easy to learn system at home.
You are about to discover an empowerment program that will teach you to:

  • Rapidly get harmful debt out if your life, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and years of headaches.

  • Take the money saved to build your financial future instead of the credit card companies

In other words, you are going to turn your harmful debt into wealth.

So what does this mean?

It means that even though pensions and social security are going extinct, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are no longer burdened by debt and that you are on the path to a secure financial future.

It also means you will experience peace of mind knowing that you can pass this program to your family, ensuring that they are on a path to financial security as well.

The first step is to protect you from a trap that if left unchecked it can cause you to retire dead broke no matter how much money you made in your career!

Does the following tale sound familiar?

The hard-earned income from your job comes into your households only to be snatched away by the bill collectors and credit card companies.

You are making ends meet but you find that you don’t have money left over to invest for your future.

Do you say to yourself that you will invest later when you have more income?

Warning, you are in a trap!

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This trap is called the Poverty Model. 

You may ask why the Poverty Model is so devastating?

The answer is because it causes the power of compound interest to work against you. Each day that you are not investing for your future, you are flirting with financial disaster.

That is because the silent but deadly killer called inflation is robbing you of your spending power and causing you to fall further behind in your savings each passing day until you are so far behind that you can’t catch up.

In this reality, you are faced with an uncertain future filled with poverty and struggle.


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To get free of the debt trap it is absolutely imperative that you do these two things:


  1. You must cut the debt collectors out of your life, so that you can use the money saved to build your financial future.

  2. You must also have a system for finding top-notch investments with a long track record of harnessing the power compound interest in your favor.

Our program will help you achieve these goals and more!

This called the Financial Freedom Model because this model will lead you to financial freedom, regardless of your income.

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You are currently facing the identical $16,500 in credit card debt as Andrew was, with the same 23% interest rate.

But here is the difference:

You have just learned our wealth building secrets and have successfully applied the strategies outlined in the Wealth Builder System to rapidly get free of debt. This will save YOU decades of payments and tens of thousands of dollars!

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By using the power of compounding in your favor, you successfully knock 27 years off the time it would have taken Andrew to get free of debt and went from paying $98,863 dollars in interest down to just over $2,400 dollars… saving yourself $96,000 interest!    

Why is this important?

That $330 per month in credit card payments, which totaled $98,863 in interest alone, could instead be used to build YOUR financial future instead of the credit companies!

For example, if you put the $330 (credit minimum payment) into a mutual fund that averaged a 10 percent compounded rated return, in the same amount of time that it would have taken Andrew just to get out of debt, you would have received over a half million dollars in personal wealth! WOW!

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The entire Wealth Builder System uses friendly video recordings, which you can listen to any time in the comfort of your own home or while going about your normal daily routine.

Our video recordings are also paired with a companion guide that is easy to use and follow along with the video lessons.

No expensive textbooks! No challenging online courses! No difficult tests! 

For an example of how this system can help you turn credit card debt into long-term wealth, consider these hypothetical case studies --

Andrew is struggling with credit card debt! 

Here is his situation:

  • $16,500 in credit card debt

  • Average interest rate of 23%

  • A monthly minimum payment of $330 dollars

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The Wealth Builder System is designed to lead you step-by-step from the Poverty Model to the Financial Freedom model.

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If he just makes the minimum payments, it would take him over 30 years to get free of his $16,500 dollars in credit card debt and during that time, he will pay over $98,000 dollars in interest alone!


Andrew took over 30 years to payoff his credit card debt and lost over $98,000.

Alternatively, YOU got free of your debt 27 years sooner and used the same money that would have been wasted on the credit card companies to build over a half a million dollars in personal wealth!

Whether you are deep in credit card debt, have student loans, are looking to save for a major life purchase or getting ready to build your retirement, the Wealth Builder System will help you achieve your financial goals and more!



The Wealth Builder System is all about taking your harmful debt and turning it into wealth.

The first part of the program guides you to rapidly cut the debt collectors out of your life in the quickest possible time, saving you thousands of dollars.

The next step is to find safe and prudent investments that will build your wealth over time.

For this next step, you now have an easy to use solution called The Investment Pro System included in the Wealth Builder System that will keep you safe whether you invest on your own or hire a financial planner to advise you!

The Investment Pro System is a step-by-step checklist that guides you to find the best mutual funds available on the market today.

It uses simple, non-technical language and is so user friendly that you and your high school son or daughter will be able to use it with ease.


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What makes the Investment Pro System unique is that each step is like having your very own trusted financial advisor taking you by the hand and explaining what is important, why it's important, and then telling you exactly what to do.

At the end of each step, there is a very high standard that the mutual fund must meet for it to continue along the evaluation process. If the fund does not meet the standard it is screened out right then and there. If the fund meets the proper standards, it may continue to the next step in the evaluation.

If a mutual fund meets the standards in all of the steps, you can rest easy knowing that you have a cream of the crop mutual fund.

These standards are the key to finding the highest-ranking funds available anywhere, and they make the checklist virtually automatic.

You will discover how to find mutual funds with:

  • Long track records of delivering the most profits and do the very best job of limiting risk at the same time

  • Experienced and proven fund management teams

  • A disciplined and predictable investment approach that will allow you to sleep comfortably while you build your wealth

  • The lowest fees and expenses so that you can keep your profits 

In other words, the cream of the crop!  

Plus, you will have a tool right at your fingertips that will guide you to put together a team of mutual fund investments that will build your wealth during the up markets and -- this is important -- protect you during the down markets.  

You now have everything you need to put yourself and your children on the path to financial freedom.

Inside our Investment Pro System, you will receive:

  • A system to get you out of debt in the quickest time possible saving you thousands of dollars and sparing you years of headaches.

  • Lessons in prudent management for you and your children

  • A step by step checklist that will guide you and your children to put together a portfolio of top performing mutual funds, that will carry you to financial freedom

  • The knowledge to safely and comfortably hire a financial advisor

Plus you will also receive:

  • Access to our online debt freedom calculators that will show you your debt freedom date and the thousands of dollars you will saving by using our strategies.

  • The Great Start Initiative's Legacy Kit, which will enable to easily pass this precious and vital information to your children

While this system will help you break free of your debt and secure your financial freedom, it does not cost a fortune!

Plus, as a BONUS you will receive The Midas Touch System.

Are you feeling stressed out because you are dangerously behind in your retirement savings?

The Midas Touch is an investment system called Buffettology because it uses billionaire Warren Buffett’s method of picking stocks that produce a compounded rate of return between 15 and 20 percent. 

This system is an ideal solution if you are behind in your retirement savings or if you want to be in a position to retire early with a bigger nest egg. 

Here is an example of the enormous advantage of having a compounded rate of return of between 15 to 20 percent.

In the previous examples we showed that if you eliminated $330 dollars in monthly credited card payments and invested that same $330 over the same period of time that it would have taken just to get out of debt, instead paying over $98,000 dollars in interest alone, you would have accumulated $547,000 in your personal wealth.

There is no more time to waste on procrastination and worry when it comes to your future.

Take the first step towards securing your financial freedom and ensuring peace of mind for you and your family and get started with the complete Wealth Builder System today.

100% Money Back Guarantee! 

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It's Time to Eliminate Your DEBT & Start Building Your DREAM LIFE!

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So how does Warren Buffett consistently and safely receive a 15 to 20 percent rate of return?

To understand Warren Buffett’s method, you need to understand 3 key concepts.

Concept #1 The stock market is emotional and irrational over the short-term. And can have dramatic swings up and down for irrational reasons.

Concept #2 The stock market is rational and predictable over the long-term. Over the long-term stock price follows a corporation’s earnings. The greater the earnings the more the price of the stock will go up!

Concept #3 The compounded rate of return that you will receive when you sell your stock depends on the price that you paid when you bought the stock.    

With these 3 concepts in mind, here is an overview of the steps that Warren Buffett takes to select stocks that consistently and safely generate a compounded rate of return of 15 to 20 percent.

Step 1 Warren Buffett looks for very special businesses that has consumer monopolies. Since it is almost impossible to compete against businesses that have consumer monopolies, they are able to generate consistent and predictable earnings over the long-term. And since the earnings are consistent and predictable the price of the stock going up is also consistent and predictable.

Step 2 After Warren Buffett finds a business with a consumer monopoly, he puts that company through a stringent screening checklist that will ensure that it meets his high standards. If not, he will eliminate it right there. If it meets his standards he continues to the next step.

Step 3 If the business makes it past his stringent screening checklist, he determines the target price to pay for the stock that will give him a 15 percent compounded return.

Step 4 He factors in a margin of safety by dividing the target price by two. This has the effect of giving him a margin of safety and increasing his potential compounded rate of return at the same time.

Step 5 Since Warren Buffett knows that the stock market is irrational over the short-term, he puts that stock on a watch list. He then waits for the next buying opportunity when the market has a short-term down-turn. 

The Midas Touch system consists of 6 Videos and a Screening Checklist.

You will learn:

  • Where to find stocks that can consistently generate a 15 to 20 percent compounded rate of return
  • How to recognize if a business has a consumer monopoly 
  • How to use the screening checklist to determine if a business is an investment dud or a potential investment goldmine
  • How to determine the price to pay for a stock that will give you a 15 percent compounded rate of return.
  • How to factor in a margin of safety that will keep you safe and increase your rate of return at the same time
  • When to purchase and sell your stocks for maximum profits    

You will have everything that you need to restore your retirement saving to solid ground!       

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That is based on you receiving a 10 percent compounded rate of return.

If you received of compounded rate of return of 15 percent you would almost triple your wealth to over 1.4 million dollars!

If you received a 20 percent compounded rate of return you would accumulate over 4 million dollars in your personal wealth!

If after 14 days, you are not completely satisfied with the ease and quality of this course, OR if you do not find that the debt reduction strategies alone will pay for this course at least 10 times over, OR if after reviewing the wealth building secrets you are not completely satisfied that they will flood your retirement savings accounts with thousands of dollars that you would not have otherwise received apart from using our system, simply return it for a full "no fuss, no questions asked" 100% Refund.​​​​​​​